Green is the New Black

The major fashion houses of Europe have traditionally based themselves in the high-profile fashion cities, content to remain in the glow of the spotlights shining on Paris, Milan, and London. What of the remaining large centres, those with no giant headquarters of Versace or Christian Louboutin? Where can you find high-end accessories and designer jeans in Ireland?

The first place to note is the largest city, and capital of the Republic, Dublin. Overflowing with both twee and upmarket shopping areas, you can scour Grafton Street for your favourite Marc Jacobs styles, or visit Temple bar to soak up the drinking culture and immerse yourself in the art and music scenes. After a wander around these two areas, head north a little further (just over the River Liffey) and visit famous O’Connell Street. Large department stores aren’t just for everyday items or white goods, and you may just find the perfect designer dresses for upcoming soirées and garden parties. Find genuine Manolo Blahnik footwear to match your new 3.1 Philip Lim outfit, and stride proudly out onto the grey streets of beautiful Dublin.

If shiny new trends are not your style, there are a myriad of winding market streets bursting with handcrafted jewellery, woollens, and all manner of perfect gifts for you or your loved ones. Find something individual and lovingly-made, without paying extortionate prices for something designed by a big name. Uniqueness need not be costly, and if you are prepared to put in a bit of legwork around Georges Street, you should be able to nose out more than a few bargains to carry home with you.

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