Shopper’s Guide To Dublin’s Finest Jewelry Stores

A professional Irish jeweler’s tips to finding the best pieces on Grafton Street

By Leigh Maher

Celtic Jewelry
Celtic Jewelry

Celtic jewelry is both my passion and my business. I run a jewelry business here in Dublin called Irish Celtic Jewels, which features great handcrafted designs, all created in Ireland. I love blending modern elements with the intricate knot work, warrior shield symbols, and Celtic spirals that have appeared on Celtic art treasures for thousands of years.

Being as involved as I am in fine jewelry and its manufacture, I enjoy exploring the city’s best jewelry stores for exquisite rings, earrings, and necklaces. For me, Dublin’s Grafton Street is the pinnacle of Celtic jewelry shopping in my hometown. The street offers a great variety of shops where you can enjoy shopping for rings, pendants, and earrings that feature the ancient symbols of the British Isles (home of the British Open), and learn a good deal about the Celtic symbolism behind them. It’s fascinating to see the remnants of Ireland’s rich and colorful history in modern-day pieces.

Wide Range of Styles

Of course, not every piece features the spirals, knot work, and symbols that are so interesting to me (such as the knot work on the cross shown above). There’s a wide range of styles – and price points – in the boutiques of Grafton Street. From fun and funky pieces, to glamorous, deluxe designs, all of them are worth a look. Here is a quick guide to some of the standout jewelry stores you can enjoy while visiting Dublin. Be sure to plan a shopping day while you are in the city.

Here is a quick guide to some of the standout jewelry stores you can enjoy while visiting Dublin. Be sure to plan a shopping day while you are in the city.

Weir & Sons – 96 Grafton St

If you’re looking for refinement and traditional beauty, the designs in this jeweler’s landmark store will be perfect for you. Since 1869, this highly respected firm has offered all manner of diamond jewelry, classic wristwatches (such as Patek Phillipe), fine china, and porcelain figurines. Their flagship store on Grafton Street will be a feast for the senses.

While visiting this distinctive building, with its stone façade, be sure to check out impressive pieces from Faberge and Bulgari. Weir & Sons is truly world-class.

Price Range: These pieces are not inexpensive: they are investments. A simple wedding band will start around $740.00, and engagement rings start at $7000.00 dollars. Of course, the sky is the limit here, depending on your budget.

Fields Jewelers – 22 Grafton Street

Known for its trademark gold and green façade, Fields Jewelers have been open for business on Grafton Street for 25 years. This company specializes in custom diamond rings that they commission from some of the world’s most skilled designers.

If you enjoy jewelry that combines luxury with a sense of individuality, you’ll find Field’s has the best of both worlds. I always enjoy the friendly welcome I get when I walk through the doors.

Price Range: This high-end jewelry offers stunning diamond pendants from about $1800.00 dollars and up, as well as exquisite platinum and diamond solitaire engagement rings, starting at $10,000 dollars.

Boodles – 71 Grafton Street

At this glamorous jeweler, personal service is the hallmark. Known for its high-fashion pieces, Boodles offers trendy style – with a high price tag. Celebrities, models, and royalty covet the fabulous pieces you’ll find inside this slab work building.

If you’re shopping for a woman, Boodles makes it easy to choose the perfect piece. Their staff are trained to ask questions about what she might like, how she looks, and so many other important details. Then, they show you a variety of styles that might work for her! For a man who isn’t sure what his love interest might want – this can be a real advantage.

Boodles is jet set, fun, and not to be missed.

Price Range: This store is very expensive: delicate diamond earrings run around $18,000 dollars and up, and Patek Phillipe wristwatches can set you back $50,000 dollars (or more). Obviously, engagement rings with great big solitaire stones can run up to the hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Rocks – 73 Grafton Street

This family-run business offers great quality that is a little more affordable than some of the jewelers I’ve discussed above. However, you can still find fun designs that run the gamut, from Pandora charm bracelets to Raymond Weil wristwatches.

Great diamond engagement rings from Rock’s signature line are sure to be the highlight of a trip to this store. For 40 years, jewelry has been painstaking crafted in the backroom workshop of this Grafton Street shop. Check out their range of special pieces when you visit.

Price Range: This store offers some affordable choices, such as Pandora charms from $40.00 to $120.00. Also on offer are diamond engagement rings from $4000.00 to $20,000.00.

Ernest Jones – 81 Grafton Street

Ernest Jones is known for its great diamonds and its wristwatches: this company offers some affordable pieces along with the high-end solitaire stones and expensive timepieces they sell. The shop offers a good range of price points and they offer a lot of variety to their customers.

Whether you’re looking for pearls, Armani cufflinks for him, or a classic wedding band, you’ll find the options at Ernest Jones are endless.

Price Range: This store has many reasonably-priced options, including pearl jewelry from $40.00, but it also features diamond jewelry that is priced from $600.00 to $3000.00.

John Brereton Jewelers – Just off Grafton Street (2 Chatham Street)

The first John Brereton jewelry store opened in 1916, and, since then, they’ve become a Dublin tradition. Since one of their shops, located at 2 Chatham Street, is just a hop, skip and jump from Grafton Street, I thought I’d add it to our list as well.

Offerings at their Chatham Street shop include a full complement of wedding jewelry, as well as great gifts for groomsmen and bridesmaids. They also offer vintage items, as well as valuation services and repairs.

Price Range: Gorgeous princess-cut solitaire engagement rings run from $4000.00 to $36,000.00 dollars. Wedding bands average about $700.00 dollars each. A Sapphire pendant, bordered in icy white diamonds, will set you back about $7000.00 dollars.

Leigh Maher writes content for Irish Celtic Jewels, a leading online Celtic jewelry store with more than 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in Celtic wedding rings and Celtic engagement rings.

His jewelry line offers a mixture of modern design elements and ancient Celtic influences, with a unique range of pieces that reflects the unique sensibility of the Irish people and their culture. She also offers classic Claddagh designs that are often given as tokens of affection, in Ireland and throughout the world.