Intern-ational Opportunities

Terrible puns aside, are you getting a little bored with the place you’ve spent your entire life? Village life in County Mayo not what you want to experience until you retire? Are you itching to get out into the world and make a difference somewhere? If you are a recent (or about-to-be) graduate, or even if you have a little experience in your chosen field, how about considering a position as an intern? Even better than that, there are plenty of companies worldwide (internship Berlin, as just one example) who are more than happy to take you on as a trainee, and provide you with invaluable industry-related skills for the future.

If parochial small-town life is not your cup of tea, you could easily move to a local city like Dublin to get your work experience. It will be a change of lifestyle, and a worthwhile experience, but perhaps you are considering something further afield, a little bit more outside your comfort zone. Learning a new language is a good start if you want to undertake an internship Madrid, and “dos cervezas, por favor” (two beers, please) is probably one of the first phrases to commit to memory. The sunshine and the friendliness of the people will soon quash your fears of being abroad in a foreign country. If you are feeling suave, you could apply for a position in an internship Paris, and sip cappucinos at swish cafés on your lunch breaks.

It is understandable if you are hesitant to jump headfirst into a new linguistic environment, but there are always cities a little closer to home. Manchester has been buzzing in the last few years, and is an open and exciting northern city. Also a popular choice is the capital itself, and there is many an internship London to be found, in dozens of different specialties. Being an intern need not be the coffee-brewing, copy-churning, jumping-through-hoops experience that many people imagine it to be, and it could well be the ideal eye-opening introduction to your field of interest.

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