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Shopping: Insider’s Guide To Dublin’s Best Jewelry Shops

Shopping: Celtic knot jewelry shop

Shopping: Beautiful Celtic knot ring in high polish tungsten

Shopping: Combined Celtic knot and cross wedding band

Guide to Backpacking and Hostels in Dublin

A locket in gold featuring intertwined Celtic knots

For the necklace that tells your life story: a beautiful Celtic knot storywheel charm

A great and affordable silver Celtic knot pendant

And finally, here’s a really unusual pendant combining an animal motif with intertwined Celtic knots

Legendary Guesthouse & Restaurant

An eccentric gem near Kilkenny with a top-notch gourmet restaurant is Cullintra Farmhouse B&B

Humor: Our Best Loved And Most Unhealthy Meal

An Irish writer’s ode to the cholesterol-laden full Irish breakfast

A Picture Of Mystery

It’s by sheer chance that a Dublin art expert walked into a Dublin monastary and discovered ““The Taking Of Christ” by Caravaggio”:/caravaggio-taking-of-christ-ireland

Shopping For Woolen Sweaters In Ireland

Tips from a professional buyer on where to find the best Irish sweater buys

Where Is The Absolute Best Pub In Ireland?

Irish writers talk about the best and most authentic Irish pubs in the country.

Ardcarraig, A Great Irish Garden Near Galway

Professional gardeners discover two Irish standouts: Ardcarraig, near Galway and Wren’s Wood in Wicklow.

Shop For Beautiful Posters Of Ireland

Photos and grahics of Irish landscapes, the Cliffs of Moher, Inismore and other great spots. Enjoy these posters of Ireland.

Alone With The Ancient Past In Sligo

A series of wonderfully lonely hilltops in northwest Ireland offer a landscape of incredible historical richness. Wandering the portal tombs of Knocknarea and Carrowmore.

The Chieftains, Through A Long Lens

Looking back looking back on the long career of traditional Irish music stars The Chieftains.

How To Make Colcannon

An Irish cookbook writer shares her best version of a recipe for a classic Irish potato dish called Colcannon.

Facts About The Real Saint Patrick

Do you know where the legend ends and the real historical figure begins?

There’s Only One True Mary Up North

A local festival in the northwest makes the big choice each year as to who will be Mary of Dungloe

Controversy Over Irish Walking Paths

It’s getting harder to know which farm fields you can and cannot legally hike on in Ireland.

Surviving an Irish Health Spa

Cloona is good for the body and soul, but it isn’t exactly a holiday. Here’s what it’s like to live through the Cloona health spa in County Mayo.

Local Hero

The story of one New Yorker, who visited a family pub in Clifden, and was surprised to uncover an amazing secret about his Irish grandfather.

Kilrush and Scattery Island

A quiet town and an empty island of monastaries and churches on a visit to Kilrush and Scattery Island

Mizen Head

A visit to a remote southwestern peninsula – the quite area known as Mizen Head.

Goodbye To The Countryside

Farmers are selling land, and Ireland’s growing population of successful new professionals are putting up houses in a new frenzy known as bungalow blitz.

Summer Festivals in Dublin

A guide to dance, theater and film festivals in the capital city. Where to get free tickets to Dublin summer festivals.

Building Your Own Irish Pub

A Connecticut man learns from Guinness how to create An Irish Pub.

The Genealogists’ Tale

An Irish expert’s war stories and best tips on Irish Genealogy.

Ireland’s Straw Boys

What’s the origin of Ireland’s eccentric Straw Boys of the northwest?.

Ancient Stones and Modern Fears

A photographer finds that Ireland’s old ring forts and dolmen still create a sense of superstition among the Irish.

The Galway Races

Wild hats, millionaires and jockeys put on a show each year at the Galway races.

A Secret Dublin Street That Resonates With History

An amazing history hides behind the ramshackle facades on Dublin’s Henrietta Street.

West Cork: A World Apart

Schull, Mizen Head and the area around them look more like America’s wild west than the the southwest corner of Ireland.

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