The End of the Rainbow

The Irish have long had a tradition of emigrating to far-off lands and foreign shores, often to seek their fortunes and make better lives for themselves and their families. When there was certainty of hardship at home, it sometimes made the long and terrifying sea journey and unknown new country seem worth the gamble. Some of the convicts punished and sent to the barren Van Diemen’s Land (now Tasmania) in Australia fared better in the long run than their law-abiding counterparts remaining on the Emerald Isle. In more modern times, it’s still common for citizens of Ireland to wander, sometimes for a 3 month jaunt around southeast Asia, a 6 month intensive Spanish course Los Angeles, or maybe even a permanent move to rugby rival South Africa.

The United States remains a popular destination for travellers, immigrants, and students alike. The lure of palm trees, gleaming beaches, glamour and fame bring many to California, where some partake in a French course Los Angeles, even though there may be other romance languages that would suit the locals better. For some soon-to-be-Americans, it may be necessary to initiate an English course San Diego before full familiarisation with the new environment is possible.

Because of the comparative proximity of the east coast of the USA to Ireland, it was common for Irish migrants to settle in states like New York and Massachusetts, and find employment where they could. The long-reaching impact of the original settlers can still be heard in the accents of Bostonians and New Yorkers from certain parts of the city. Want to get that perfect Boston ‘R’? Take an English course Boston, or, to fit in better with the residents of Little Italy in New York City, take a cross-continent flight back to California and attend an Italian course Los Angeles. The options are as wide as the Atlantic Ocean!

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