What To Pack For A Vacation Trip To Ireland

Clothing: There are few places on earth where the weather changes from rain to sun and from cool to hot as frequently as in Ireland. Layered clothing you can pull on and off – light sweaters, polar fleece and medium weight jackets – are the best is bet. Just make sure that outer layer is waterproof as you’re sure to get soaked now and then. If you’re touring rural areas, make sure you’ve got a comfortable but very waterproof hiking shoes/boots.

An umbrella is a good idea – but so is some good sun block. In between the rain showers, the sunburn index in Ireland can go surprisingly high.

Bring any medicines you need to take regularly, along with copies of your prescriptions, in case you have to refill while traveling.

If you’re bringing hair dryers or any other electrical appliances, bring adapters that convert the 230 volt electricity in Ireland to 110 volts for your American appliances.

Warm clothes for the evening. In addition to being quite damp, Ireland gets very cool in the evening, even during summer time. Of course, it’s also a great place to shop for a new wool sweater!

Bring copies of your passports and airline tickets and keep them in a separate place, just in case the originals get lost or even stolen.

Bring a light camera. Assuming you’ve gone digital, make sure you have some extra memory cards to put pictures on. Again, for recharging bring an adapter from Irish 230 volt current to American 110 volt current to you don’t burn up your camera.

A flashlight, for when you’re strolling the countryside and the sun goes down. You’ll be amazed at how dark it can get out there!