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Is It A Shoat? No It’s A Geep. Strange Animal Born In Kildare

Farmer Paddy Murphy – yes, that’s his real name – was shocked a week ago to see a strange young creature frolicking among his sheep last week. That’s when he suddenly remembered seeing a goat among the ewes a few months earlier and thinking nothing of it at the time. But something obviously transpired. The young “geep” is faster than any of his brothers and sisters in the sheep flock and is already sprouting horns. Farmer Murphy has no plans to launch a flock of geeps, but for the moment he’s enjoying the attention from The Irish Farm Journal. See their amusing interview here:

One U.S. Investor Is Taking A New Look At Irish Real Estate

Mega investor Wilbur Ross tells Marketwatch why he is looking to invest in Irish real estate, and it’s no April Fools. He notes that foreigners from Germany, Russia and Britain are starting to buy up some of the properties built in Ireland’s resort areas.

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